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The International Medical University was built in accordance with modern requirements and was commissioned in 2016. MMU is provided with a sufficient amount of training space. The educational area of ​​the university is 33,075 sq. m., in addition there is a sports ground and a dining room. The educational process is conducted in the main building of the Moscow Medical University, there is one university clinic equipped with modern medical equipment.

The International Medical University has 3 faculties and 7 departments, 16 lecture halls, 178 classrooms with multimedia support, 2 computer classes equipped with modern personal computers. Classes are held according to the system; the provision of audiences is 100%. The classrooms are equipped with teaching furniture and the necessary teaching equipment. The auditoriums are aesthetically decorated, have the necessary visual aids, stands, tables, etc. Students of the International Medical University annually undergo medical examinations at the Avicenna-Medical University Clinic.

The International Medical University has a reading room and a library with a total area of ​​432 sq.m. Students have free access to textbooks, manuals and other teaching materials. In addition, an electronic library has been organized at the university. All textbooks, manuals and other teaching materials have been translated into electronic format. Students have the opportunity to visit them at any time and from anywhere in the world. The library fund is equipped with basic and additional educational equipment, educational-methodical resources, reference literature on basic educational programs, for each discipline and interdisciplinary course of the professional educational cycle.


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