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International Medical University (MMU) is a unique and versatile campus, which concentrates the clinical base, educational and scientific educational centers with equipped laboratories for medical biophysics, chemistry, biology and human anatomy. The protected area of the university is 11 hectares, on which the Campus, Clinic, Medical and Pharmaceutical College, a hostel are located, sports and social infrastructure. International Medical University is a multilevel educational system. All conditions have been created for students for complete immersion in the educational process. Students from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russian Federation, India, Pakistan, Palestine and other countries. Each student is provided with access to the electronic library and the library fund in English and Russian, both permanently and in mobile gadgets provided by the university. High quality of preparation of students at the university is ensured by highly qualified teachers. To consolidate theoretical knowledge with clinical skills, the University Clinic was organized at the University Avicenna Medical.

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