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Medical Affairs

The International Medical University of the Kyrgyz Republic is an innovative educational and research higher educational institution that has international status and has passed independent accreditation of the Agency for the Accreditation of Educational Institutions and Programs "Sapattuu Bilim," and is also registered in the WDMS directory of the World Health Organization (WHO). To date, the university includes 3 departments "Medical Affairs," "Dentistry," "Pharmacy," one college, secondary school, the modern clinic "Avicenna Medical," the television studio "Sanat-Den Soluk" and more than 2500 students from Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Palestine and other countries. The University has a multi-level education system: pre-university training (school); training of a certified specialist (university); postgraduate and additional vocational education - residency, postgraduate, doctoral studies, advanced training, vocational training and internship. The university has fifteen educational and experimental laboratories equipped with advanced innovative equipment: physiology; pathofiziologiya; microbiology; histologists and pathanatomies; chemistry, physics and others. For scientific and experimental work Vivarius, where rabbits, guinea pigs, white mice and frogs live. The International Medical University meets all the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, in particular:
1) The university has a highly qualified teaching staff in accordance with the requirements set by the state educational standards of the Kyrgyz Republic with instruction and teaching in English. The high quality of the educational process at the university is provided by domestic and foreign representatives of the faculty, and each student is provided with access to the bases of the university's electronic library in English and Russian;
2) The University has a complex of educational, scientific and medical base that meets world-class standards;
3) The total area occupied by the university is more than 11 hectares;
4) University buildings and structures cover an area of almost 40,000 square meters;
5) There is a hostel for 2200 places located on the territory of the university, where hot meals are organized that meet the gastronomic and cultural preferences of foreign students;
6) The University has a modern library, the library fund is 50,000 copies of books and includes textbooks, teaching materials, computer tablets necessary to ensure the full education of students. Students have remote access to electronic databases of libraries;
7) The International Medical University has its own clinic "Avicenna Medical" with 400 beds located on the territory of the university. Students will practice during the educational process in the clinic, as well as have real-time access to the operations in the three operating rooms of the clinic. The clinic carries out medical, preventive and scientific-educational activities in order to provide round-the-clock emergency (emergency) medical care to patients and victims of conditions and injuries that threaten life and health, provide medical care to patients and implement professional educational programs for medical education and conduct scientific research. The clinic has a polyclinic, a hospital, a department of paid medical services, two ambulances with the latest medical equipment. The Scientific Journal of the International Medical University is published, the first issue of which took place this year. The journal published scientific works of scientists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and our republic. A good tradition was the holding of meetings with prominent scientists of our republic, near and far abroad. Professors from England, India, Germany, Russia and Kazakhstan visited our University with their lecture course. After successful graduation, the student receives a state diploma on higher medical education of the Kyrgyz Republic, which is recognized in the CIS countries and a number of countries abroad. (abbreviated name according to the Charter of the University - EMU, MMU) is a rapidly developing innovative educational and research institution, an academic center participating in the social development of the Kyrgyz Republic.

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