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The dental Institute of IMU was organized in 2017. The training of a dentist is carried out in the preclinical and at the University's own base. For this purpose, a scientific and practical center of Dentistry was created, which includes laboratories: immunology and allergology molecular studies dental materials science optical technologies functional diagnostic methods physical treatments The faculty trains specialists at the Department of General Dentistry in the specialization "Orthopedic Dentistry," "Therapeutic Dentistry," "Surgical Dentistry," "Pediatric Dentistry," "Orthodontics." The profession of dentist covers a rather extensive range of activities. Directions: Dental therapist - conducts an examination and is engaged in the standard treatment of teeth: caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, inflammatory processes and infectious diseases of the oral cavity, periodontal and oral mucosa. Stomatologist-orthopedist. This is a specialist who is engaged in prosthetics of defects in teeth and dentition, denture deformations. He has the skills to treat all types of prostheses (non-removable, removable, combined, prostheses on implants). An orthopedic dentist participates in the comprehensive treatment of periodontal diseases (bleeding, tooth mobility). The essence of orthopedic treatment of periodontal diseases (periodontal disease) consists in splitting or tying movable teeth to immobile ones using various structures. A dentist is a surgeon. This is a specialist who eliminates defects through surgical interventions, implants and removes teeth. Conducts procedures aimed at preserving teeth, treating inflammatory processes and neoplasms of the mouth and face. He is engaged in the preparation of the oral cavity for subsequent prosthetics, the treatment of the pathogenic processes of VNHS, the trigeminal nerve and salivary glands. His duties include surgical treatment of the wounds of the face, mouth and neck, plastic and reconstruction of the jaw, diagnosis of common severe diseases based on their symptomatic manifestations of the area of the face, mouth, neck, they usually include tuberculosis, syphilis, etc., and this specialist also performs operations on periodontal tissues. The profession of a dentist is not just a dental doctor, since students study other disciplines. Such as: anatomy, physiology, histology, general and operative surgery, internal diseases, and also study first aid and intensive care.

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